About Von Lukacs

The Von Lukacs family history began in Budapest 1959. After leaving the country because of the war for a new future in Sweden, we lost our homes and belongings. I wanted to honor my family name by creating a company that will help the Von Lukacs name to become what it once was. With a certain interest of extraordinary accessories for men I created the brand Von Lukacs, we care about the person who wear our products .

By combining new designs and shapes with innovative materials, such as white gold with Cubic zirconia diamonds, we aim to develop modern products that will sustain during time. We believe that accessories are the best way for people to express who they truly are, and therefor should be selected before any other part of the outfit.

The Von Lukacs products are designed in Sweden and we provide a quality that is sustainable for years. Our design is a mix from the Nordic simplicity with a touch of the south European elegance.

Jesper Hane